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In BAXAL we are a construction company focused in industrial, commercial, and hotel industry, that meets our client’s needs through continuous improvement and follow up of our quality system, to guaranty the best use of their investment. To achieve this, we reduce the average construction time in our projects, we use advanced construction systems and we make sure that our material resources and services have excellent quality. We offer security to our clients, profitability to the board and personal development to the employees.


Perform our job with honesty and the best quality possible, meeting the client’s expectations and reaching personal satisfaction for those who labor with us. Our quality goals being:
  • Reducing the average time in the execution of our projects according to customer requirements.
  • Reducing waste materials on site.
  • Maintaining construction processes within regulations.
  • Control building costs through the improvement of managing systems.


Quality.-In BAXAL we make an effort to offer the best quality possible in our construction.
Honesty.- We seek to gain our clients trust doing our job with honesty providing them security and tranquility.
Improvement.- We do not settle with our accomplishments. We always seek to be better and to maintain the spirit of improvement, inspiring a pleasant work environment that reflects this search for improvement, achieving efficiency and increasing the profitability of the company.
Safety.- We encourage our employees to be constantly updated and to take security precautions such as using safety equipment.

Geographyc reach

We have been working in all the Mexican Republic; we share with you all the places were Baxal have been working.


Chimalhuacan 3574 Torre A1
Col. Ciudad del Sol,
Zapopan, Jalisco
Fijo. 01(33) 31215009